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Pink S.H.O.E.S., Inc.

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Born & raised in Amityville, NY and a graduate from Amityville Memorial HS.  LaKesha went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising at AIU in Atlanta & currently works in the Fashion District in NYC as Production/ Product Development Coordinator.  Diagnosed with stage I breast cancer in 2011, Lakesha decided to make her mess her message & founded Pink S.H.O.E.S. Inc. with her friend Ganesa Taylor.  


When first diagnosed with breast cancer, I was angry & confused.  Couldn’t quite understand why God would give me this terrible disease.  Then, throughout the tears, the prayers and even more tears, my purpose in life started to reveal itself.  I realized, why God had chosen me, he chose me to be a vessel to other young woman, to become an advocate, a source of inspiration & to start this organization.  Before my cancer diagnosis, I was just living, now I am living in my purpose every day.  I now understand why I was chosen.


This organization has given me the ability to be a blessing to others, which is so gratifying to know that what I do makes a difference.  I stand as a source of Strength, Hope, Optimism, Endurance & Survival to other young women.  

I would like to see Pink S.H.O.E.S. Inc.as a nationwide organization, and becoming one of the leaders in the fight for breast cancer in young women.


Lakesha has had a double mastectomy, reconstruction, chemotherapy, radiation therapy & is currently on the hormone therapy pill Tamoxifen.

Born and raised in Amityville, NY and a graduate from Amityville Memorial HS. Ganesa went on to pursue a degree in Business and Finance with Kaplan University and holds an accounting position in the Insurance industry. Because of her friend LaKesha Jackson’s diagnosis of breast cancer Ganesa has dedicated her time and efforts in supporting the cause.


After La’Kesha’s diagnosis we found it difficult to find a support system for her; a group that she could relate to in terms of what she was going through and how she felt.  So, together with LaKesha, I co-founded Pink S.H.O.E.S Inc.


I was and still am inspired by my friend’s courage and strength to overcome this cancer and in turn want to help other women. Being there for someone with breast cancer can make a difference. So, I see myself as the voice of the “supporter”.  It can be challenging to uplift someone’s spirits especially not being able to relate to what they’re going through. Taking this journey alongside La’Kesha has not only inspired me but, has also educated me.


Pink S.H.O.E.S. Inc. is here to not only to help women financially and emotionally but, we stand as a symbol of HOPE. I would simply like to see Pink S.H.O.E.S. Inc. continue to be able to work in the communities and be there for women in need near and far. This organization is self-rewarding, just knowing how we’ve touched someone is reason enough to keep going.

Ganesa has not been diagnosed with breast cancer but, she still enforces the importance of bringing awareness just the same.

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